2020 Corvette Mid Engine

September 3rd, 2020 by

Just arrived. The all new 2020 Corvette Mid Engine is here. Its off the truck and ready to rock. Ivan and team did a great job of unmasking, prepping and getting the car ready for delivery. It’s a beautiful white with a red interior, nicely equipped along with a spoiler. All these additional features and outside pieces are added to the vehicle through our own PDI process specifically designed for Corvette.

2020 Corvette Front to Back


Take a look at the front of the car. Sharp sharp sharp lines. Beautiful aesthetics. Lights are set up aggressively while blending in to the overall dynamics of the car very well. The big scoops on the front, are huge! Grabbing more air than any other Corvette put into production. If you look at the windshield it’s raked back and it just looks like the Batmobile.

2020 Corvette Profile

As we walk around to the side of the car you can see these hefty scoops driving a ton of air into the engine compartment. You also can see the black wheels with the polish lip accent this car well. Its a beautiful touch on this white 2020 Corvette. The roof panel is also dual colored optioned. Here we have the ability to see the rear spoiler and just how high it sits off the deck lid. The profile is aero to the max.


2020 Corvette Interior

We just popped the door open to take a look at the interior. This adrenaline red interior really jumps out. The appointments are unbelievable. The gauge cluster, central buttons, the cupholders, the shifter and overall comfort is unbelievable. Plenty of space on the driver side and passenger side and also ample space for legroom. The removable top has not been taken off. If it were to be taken off it would be stowed in the rear of the vehicle.


The squared-off steering wheel and the wraparound buttons really create a pilot like cockpit. All the screens are facing you steering wheel is firm and the door rests are placed perfectly. The adjustments on the seat up, down and around are wonderful. Again someone over the over 6 ft fits comfortably in this new Corvette C8.


We’re going to tool around to the back of the vehicle. Lets really take a look at what Corvette did on this Mid Engine to make the back completely unique. Top to bottom you see the higher spoiler connecting both sides of the car with a few vertical air dam supports assisting. The sculpted tail lights don’t look like Camaro. When you catch the car at an angle it looks extremely sharp and the LED technology is unbelievable. The plate is centrally located and if you know someone, you can probably get a really cool number tag for this ride.


We’ll move down to the lower fascia and the exhaust ports. Corvette over the years has transitioned from two tailpipes to four and in this case, Corvette has maintained the four. The C8 mid-engine has the conventional dual tips quad exits, on the rear of the vehicle. The sound is amazing.

2020 Corvette Certified Service


Servicing this amazing C8 mid-engine 2020 model will be exciting. As you know, Best Chevrolet is a Corvette Certified Dealer and repair facility. Best Chevrolet is located right off of Route 3 at exit 15 for all your Corvette needs. We also carry an array of accessories in stock and available for order that will set you apart from the crowd.
We’re here to serve you for your next upgrade in this Corvette world. We have many accessories in stock available for order and also the right certified team to install any parts you need in making your Corvette your own. Our service facility is open Monday through Saturday and our Corvette experts are ready to assist with your needs.

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