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You found the Best Transmission Service in Hingham!

We have grown and are ready to handle your best transmission service needs. Located just off of Route 3, our ASE Certified technicians are here to fix your poorly shifting or failed transmission. Many of our technicians have over 20 years of experience in the the transmission field. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship and customer service.

Open extended hours with rental/loaner cars available, warranties and complimentary vehicle pickup. Learn more about your transmission or feel free to get a quote below. 

Is it important to maintain my transmission?

The Best Transmission Service in Hingham has the ability to maintain your transmission after repair. Things such as wrong fluid types or incorrect amounts of fluid (too little or too much) can make or break or transmission. There are many reasons your transmission might fail. And incorrect fluid levels usually result from a poor or nonexistent maintenance schedule. If you do check the transmission fluid regularly, and have it changed or flushed according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, then you should not have much to worry about. If you check the fluid yourself, be aware of not only the levels, but the colors. Along with the design comes poor manufacturing on the automaker’s part, as well as cheap parts and little to no quality assurance on the production line.


What are signs I have transmission failure?

It is unsafe to drive your car with any of these problems. If it’s difficult to get into gears, causes grinding noises, or just won’t move at all, the transmission is dying or has died. If you drive mostly in stop-and-go city traffic, that has a different impact on your transmission than highway driving with long distances and steady speeds. Whining sounds accompanied by hesitation in starting from a stop, lack of acceleration or extreme slowness, or even sudden surging, are not only unsafe and make your vehicle unreliable and dangerous to be on the road, they are signs you’re about to be paying for transmission repairs, rebuild, replacement – or a new car. We are able to diagnose the problem with the Best Transmission Service in Hingham.

My transmission clunks.

Different shifting patterns, such as a sudden, hard “clunk!” shifts that shake the car, or constant chugging and shaking, are warning signs  of a broke or failing transmission. An automatic transmission should shift smoothly and noiselessly, so vibrations, changes in performance, and/or strange sounds, are all indicators of transmission trouble. Even the gear shift in your car is a good indicator of problems with the transmission. Driving conditions and even driving habits all affect the health and lifespan of your car’s transmission. If the car jumps gears without warning, slips in and out of gears while you’re moving (at any speed), or refuses to go into any gear, the transmission is failing or has already failed. Stop-and-go traffic is tough on any car – and it takes a toll on pretty much every part of the car, especially the transmission.

If your car suddenly starts giving off vibrations and strange noises like grinding or whining, the transmission is saying, “Drive me to Best Transmission Service.” You’ll also experience gears slipping – when the engine speeds up or revs, but your car doesn’t accelerate very quickly, or move at all (that’s a really bad sign).


Does my driving effect my transmission life?

Yes, it very much does effect the longevity of your transmission. Accelerating hard and racing from stop light to stop light puts a lot of strain on the transmission, because it has to take the power of the engine and smooth it out before going to the wheels. Did you tow a heavy load? Pack your car full of bricks and drive through the mountains? Sometimes it’s a matter of not having checked the transmission fluid, so it’s dangerously low, and then going on a long drive through vastly different terrains and weather. It has to do a lot of shifting through gears in short, rapid succession because the distance between the stop lights is short; but the speed you’re accelerating to is fast (maybe above the limit). Anything out of the ordinary that you might have had to put your car through could be a cause of transmission issues.

Know the signs of a struggling transmission and learn how to maintain your car regularly. It will save you money in the long run and help your car run safely and reliably.

Figure out when, where, and how you drive and you’ll be on your way to a regular service schedule. You might get to your destination, and even back, only to have the transmission start to clunk, slip, and whine as you drive to the grocery store. You also need to seriously consider what kind of driver you are – aggressive, defensive, serious, careful. Are you rough on your car, or easy  and gentle? If you’re always running late and stressed out about your schedule, chances are you tend to be on the aggressive side of driving. If you experience a sudden, unexpected transmission failure, think back and try to remember any rough driving you might have done – rough roads, bad weather or other conditions, lots of stop and go traffic or really high speeds.

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