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After almost 60 years of running an award-winning business and 100s of years of collective automotive experience, we are still in awe of the new vehicle prices that consumers are shown online and in local publications. Craig Best is here to help. Though these prices may look very attractive, they only exist to do one thing, ATTRACT. Unfortunately, thousands of our customers have been baited into visiting other dealerships first, in search of the best deal, only to find the prices inflated once they arrive, or worse, not find the advertised vehicles at all.

In an effort to combat deceptive pricing practices, Best Chevrolet is introducing the Best Price Policy; the best price on any new Chevy, no matter what! We’re implementing this to let consumers know that we are the first and last stop for everything Chevrolet. We know how much other dealers pay for their vehicles and we research the prices that they offer to consumers. The work is already done. Therefore, we’re certain that we have the best deals, not to mention both our customer service and service department are unmatched! We work with any reasonable offer, and every deal is custom built to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of savings.

Best Chevrolet has one of the highest customer retention rates across any industry; this is unprecedented! Our customers always come back for the most savings, the best service and most importantly, peace of mind. It feels great to know that you are always welcome and consistently taken care of. Don’t take our word for it; ask around. It’s our pleasure to have you as our guest! See you soon!

Best Price + Great Service = Highest Value!


I’d like to first thank you for considering Best Chevrolet, Inc. for your automotive needs.

My name is “Craig Best” and I’m happy to assist in any of your current auto needs.

After attending UMASS, I have completed multiple tours with the U.S. Navy over the course of the years. After serving for the red, white and blue I pursued my interest in automobiles.  I have been active in the auto industry for over ten years with the start of selling cars. As I grew, I had the ability to take on more responsibility and began handling the questions and interests of multiple brands. Being well versed in the automotive industry, I am fluent in answering a multitude of inquiries including:

  • Lease Termination, Pull-Ahead and Incentive Options
  • New Model Line-Up Features and Benefits
  • Commercial Truck Towing and Capabilities
  • Corvette Details and Best Suited Needs
  • Certified Pre-Owned Warranty and Value
  • Availability of any New or Pre-owned In-Stock Model
  • OnStar Features and Benefits

I can be reached by phone, email or text and will reply promptly to your best contact. Myself and the team here are ready and willing to help with your next automotive solution. Whether its new, pre-owned, truck or sports car; the team here at Craig BEST has you covered.


  • Chevrolet Certified
  • GM Certified Pre-Owned
  • OnStar Certified
  • Truck Certified
  • Corvette Certified
  • Commercial Certified


Why we do what we do at Best Chevrolet

  • It’s a simple fact. Not all car dealerships are created equal. As you may have already noticed, we do things a little differently. The secret of our success comes in part from the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida. Embracing the Disney culture was a commitment made some twenty years ago as a way to improve our business model.
  • Disney’s customer service is undeniably “Best in Class”. Doing business the Disney way gives us a competitive advantage from the sales floor to our service facilities. Today, our entire cast works in concert with the attitude, teamwork, and commitment necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction. Compare our way of doing business with the competition and you will always come back to “Best”. Like Disney, we create happiness.
  • Customer retention is a key indicator in the automotive industry. According to Chevrolet Motor Division, our guests return to the dealership on a far more consistent basis than the industry average. This measurement is a true testament to our Disney culture. Our vision is clear. We will never stop listening and learning new ways to improve customer service. That’s our promise.
  • We’re proud of our Disney inspired success story and would like to share it with you. To learn more, go to, click on client impact, case studies, Best Chevrolet, Inc..