SSCAC’s Food Resources Program

More people throughout the South Shore are making trade-offs between paying for food and paying for other necessities like heat for their homes.#GOTTURKEY


In the fall of 2002, SSCAC’s Food Resources program formed their own Food Distribution Center with the goal of getting more nutritious food to more hungry people in the most cost-effective way through coordinated food pick-up, transport, storage and distribution.

Our Food Distribution Center not only serves as the hub for safely collecting and storing food aid, but also as the nexus point for distributing this food aid throughout Plymouth County.

Similar to a warehouse-style membership club, our Food Distribution Center has 45 members, all of which are food pantries, soup kitchens, Councils on Aging, elementary schools, and other non-profit emergency food assistance providers. Twice per week, our members come to the Center to pick up food aid, including non-perishable canned and dry goods, frozen foods, fresh produce, dairy, proteins, juice, and other perishable foods. Our Center members then bring this food back to their home communities for distribution to hungry and food-insecure people, ultimately serving a 29-town area, primarily in Plymouth County, but also including a small number of cities and towns in Bristol County. In FY15, our Center members served an average of 6,237 food insecure people each month.

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