Best Delivery Process

Today’s the Day

What to expect


  • Upon arrival – Once you pull into our store, park in front of our showroom in any of the available parking spots.
  • Call or text your sales representative to let them know that you have arrived.
  • For safety precautions you are required to have a face mask.
  • Your sales representative will walk out to greet you wearing a mask and gloves. They will then walk you over to your new car/truck/SUV where you can see your new vehicle and take a test drive if you would like.
  • Once you have inspected and approved of your new vehicle. Your paperwork will be signed at our outdoor round tables next to your new vehicle. There will also be a box of rubber gloves that are required for you to wear while signing paperwork. We will sanitize the desk and pens prior to each use.
  • Once signatures are complete, the business manager will take any down payment(if applicable) from you and return inside the store to receive your down payment. A receipt will be printed and brought back out to you. Copies of your paperwork will also be given to you at this time in a manilla envelope. (financial transaction is completed)
  • If transferring a plate from a previous vehicle. Your sales representative will transfer your plate onto your new vehicle.
  • Once your new registration is completed by Best Chevrolet, Inc.. We will email you a copy of the registration. At this time an appointment can be made, Mon. – Fri. 8AM to 5PM, with our service department to complete your inspection sticker process.