College Discount Pricing

Enrolled in a 2 year or 4 year program?

Graduated within the last 2 years?

College discount pricing is a program that Chevrolet has rolled out for Best Chevrolet, Inc.. We provide a great selection of new Chevrolet’s from Silverado to Trax to the all new Malibu. A reliable vehicle is just as important as extended education. As a participant, read below to learn more about the details of the program. We are happy to help the community and assist in further education.

The BEST College Pricing in the South Shore

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College Discount Pricing Eligibility


Eligible Students/Graduates:
-Any students currently enrolled in a 2-year or 4-year degree program, a registered nursing degree (diploma) program or graduate degree program (students in certificate programs would not be eligible).
-All eligible students are eligible the entire period of enrollment and up to two years after graduation.
-Refer to for full eligibility details.

Verification of Eligibility:
1. Customers must provide driver’s license and authorization number to dealer prior to delivery of the vehicle.
2. The dealer must log into and follow these steps to obtain approval code:
-Step 1: Enter the customer’s authorization number
-Step 2: Enter the vehicle delivery date, the date of birth and zip code from the purchaser’s driver’s license\
-Step 3: Enter the 17 digit vin of the vehicle being purchased/leased and purchaser’s first and last name
-Step 4: Review information summary for accuracy and click continue to print the CDA form
-Step 5: The nine(9) digit approval code can be found on the printed CDA. The CDA form must be printed to obtain the approval code.
3. After the CDA form has been printed, the CDA form is to be signed by both the dealer and customer at the time of delivery, if possible, but it must be completed and signed no later than 30 calendar days from the date of delivery.

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College Discount Pricing Education:



The GM College Discount site will provide further description of the program and options.